E-Mail marketing is one of the most efficient tools used to communicate with existing as well as new customers. Whether it's information or offers regarding existing products or the launch of new products, everything can be communicated efficiently via E Mail marketing campaigns. Communication can be channelled according to the geography and demography of the target audience and brands can specify the kind of customers to be targeted. We even offer different modes and methods of communication for different categories of customers. The performance of the campaign can be tracked and optimized as per the requirements and our strong technology and responsive system ensures inbox delivery which results in exemplary open and click rates from the end of the customers.

We provide E-Mail marketing solutions on the following models:


Depending upon the budget and requirement you can decide upon the number of customers and type of customers that you wish to reach out to and the payment is finalized according to the number of mails that have been sent. You have the freedom to choose the communication that is to be sent as well as specify the target recipient of the communication and we will dispatch the E-Mails accordingly.


You can decide upon the next level of performance and opt to pay only when an E Mail is opened by a customer. We optimize our system to bring you the desired results by conducting a high level targeting among the recipients. You have the freedom to choose the communication and targeting and our systems will dispatch mails accordingly to obtain the desired results.


We will generate relevant business leads for your business by sending out your communication to the audience on our targeted inventories or database and the payment is finalized in accordance to every lead that you acquire through our services. You will have the opportunity to convert these leads into assets which will help in the growth of your business. The leads can be provided in a detailed form or in the form of some key information about the user, and you may utilize this information in order to connect with the user as well as to convert the lead into an asset. The best part is that you only need to pay when you get a lead.


We will generate visits for your website by sending out your communication to the audience on our database. When the customer will click on the specific communication, they will land on your website or landing page giving your interface the desired traffic, and you only have to pay when a user lands on your website through us.